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Blackrock ETSS provides Gaelic football for students who are interested in participating in one of our national past-times. Gaelic football is a popular sport that has a number of health benefits for those who play it regularly. It is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport that can improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and coordination. In addition, it has been shown to have mental health benefits such as reducing stress and promoting social connections.

Some of the specific health benefits of Gaelic football include:

● Cardiovascular fitness: Gaelic football requires players to run, jump, and sprint for the entire duration of the game. This high-intensity activity can improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

● Strength: The sport involves a lot of tackling, lifting, and throwing, which can help to build strength and muscle mass.

● Coordination: Gaelic football requires players to use their hands and feet to handle the ball, which can improve hand-eye coordination and footwork.

● Mental health: Participating in a team sport can be a great way to reduce stress and promote a sense of community and social connections.

● Injury prevention: While Gaelic football can be physically demanding, it is generally a low-risk sport when it comes to injuries. The rules of the game promote safe play and there are strict guidelines for player safety.

Our school currently competes in the Dublin Post-Primary Schools 1st & 2nd Year boys football competitions which take place between October to December. The school also engages in blitz competitions with our neighbouring schools.

When: Wednesday (after school)

Where: Herbert Park (meet in the yard next to the prefabs)

Who: Terry

Dec 07
Board of Management Meeting
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Dec 18
Christmas Exam Week begins
Dec 25
Christmas Holidays
Congratulations to our boys' team on a hard-fought, well-earned draw today against John Scottus. Blackrock hit the bar, and forced a number of saves but couldn't break the deadlock. Well done to both teams today in a great match.
Congratulations to our 3rd year student, Gabriela, on her achievement in the National Finals of Scifest this year. Gabriela, ably supported by her science teacher, Katie, won the Technological Higher Education Association Award (THEA Award) in the co

Many thanks to local TD, Jennifer Carroll MacNeill for visiting the school today and for talking with our Student Council. It is always a great honour to receive our local representatives who assist us in our continuing process of planning for the

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