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At Blackrock ETSS, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and our commitment to this goes beyond the classroom. Our comprehensive sports provision stands as a testament to our dedication to the holistic development of our students. Engaging in extra-curricular sports is not merely about scoring goals or winning matches; it is a transformative experience that shapes character, fosters social skills, and promotes overall well-being. Our Sports Programme has 3 core principles:

  • Socialization Beyond the Classroom Walls
  • Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing at the Core
  • Camaraderie that Lasts a Lifetime

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Friday, 24th May, saw our annual Prize Day ceremony take place in the school. The occasion was a wonderful mix of performances, speeches, celebrations, and more! We thank all of our contributors and participants for ensuring the day was a


The Photography Club enjoyed their final session with a trip to Herbert Park. We congratulate them on helping with the various newsletters and sports updates this year.


Best of luck to Ben, Tim, and Beau, as they compete in the Irish Open Championships and Olympic Trials. They represent themselves and the school with pride each time they dive into the pool, let's hope they make a splash today in the arena!

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