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Debating & MUN

At Blackrock ETSS, our commitment to fostering the skill of effective and constructive communication is supported by our Debating and Model United Nations (MUN) programmes.

Sharpening Communication Skills: Participation in Debating and MUN equips students with unparalleled communication skills. From articulating thoughts persuasively to active listening and quick thinking, students engage in a dynamic environment that hones their ability to express ideas coherently and convincingly. These skills extend beyond the debating floor, becoming invaluable assets in academic endeavors, future careers, and personal relationships.

Cultivating Critical Thinkers: Debating and MUN challenge students to think critically about global issues, fostering a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. Analyzing complex problems and formulating well-reasoned arguments become second nature. Students emerge from these experiences not just as informed citizens but as agile thinkers capable of navigating the complexities of an ever-evolving world.

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Debating Club

Model United Nations (MUN)

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Congratulations to 2nd year student, Alex, on another incredible athletics feat. Alex won the silver medal in yesterday's All-Ireland with a jump of 10.04m. We are so proud of Alex's accomplishments this athletic year!


Congratulations to our Amber Flag Committee, led by our coordinator, Leah, on being presented with the Amber Flag for their efforts to improve wellbeing and mental health awareness this year.


Friday, 24th May, saw our annual Prize Day ceremony take place in the school. The occasion was a wonderful mix of performances, speeches, celebrations, and more! We thank all of our contributors and participants for ensuring the day was a

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