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Debating & MUN

At Blackrock ETSS, our commitment to fostering the skill of effective and constructive communication is supported by our Debating and Model United Nations (MUN) programmes.

Sharpening Communication Skills: Participation in Debating and MUN equips students with unparalleled communication skills. From articulating thoughts persuasively to active listening and quick thinking, students engage in a dynamic environment that hones their ability to express ideas coherently and convincingly. These skills extend beyond the debating floor, becoming invaluable assets in academic endeavors, future careers, and personal relationships.

Cultivating Critical Thinkers: Debating and MUN challenge students to think critically about global issues, fostering a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. Analyzing complex problems and formulating well-reasoned arguments become second nature. Students emerge from these experiences not just as informed citizens but as agile thinkers capable of navigating the complexities of an ever-evolving world.

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Debating Club

Model United Nations (MUN)

Dec 07
Board of Management Meeting
Dec 08
Pancake Morning
Dec 18
Christmas Exam Week begins
Dec 25
Christmas Holidays
Congratulations to our boys' team on a hard-fought, well-earned draw today against John Scottus. Blackrock hit the bar, and forced a number of saves but couldn't break the deadlock. Well done to both teams today in a great match.
Congratulations to our 3rd year student, Gabriela, on her achievement in the National Finals of Scifest this year. Gabriela, ably supported by her science teacher, Katie, won the Technological Higher Education Association Award (THEA Award) in the co

Many thanks to local TD, Jennifer Carroll MacNeill for visiting the school today and for talking with our Student Council. It is always a great honour to receive our local representatives who assist us in our continuing process of planning for the

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