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Student Council

What is a Student Council?

The Student Council is a brilliant representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff, and parents for the benefit of the school and the students.

Student Leadership

Democracy and democratic values are a core part of what an Educate Together school is all about and a key part of the democratic school community is the Student Council. At Blackrock Educate Together Secondary School, we recognise the importance of student involvement in our decision-making and the value of their input in our ongoing school development. It is the role of the student council to gather students’ opinions on a range of issues or suggestions to ensure that all students are represented equally. Through the experience of the student council, students develop a greater understanding of the fast-paced world of politics through campaigning and understanding the complexities of school management.

Student Council Formation

The formation of the student council was one of the many highlights of what has been a successful half term. The students were democratically elected by their peers at the end of September and 13 student members including a president (chairperson), secretary and treasurer, were elected. The members of the council has the opportunity to represent their peers by voicing concerns or suggestions to management. The council also has the opportunity to give back to the community by fundraising for causes that are important to them, and by joining various committees in our schools. Two student council members are associate members of the Board of Management. Therefore, the student voice is always being heard!

Student Council Members – 2022-2023

1st Year:

2nd Year:

Aaliyah Gabriela
Ayla Máté
Beau Matilda
Cian Nia
Luna Roman
Sofia Theo

We will be holding Presidential Elections next Monday and will issue an update shortly after. Good look to all the candidates.
Oct 04
Staff Meeting
Oct 04
Open Night
Oct 18
Sponsored Walk
Oct 18
Board of Management Meeting

It was great to meet our school bookworms for our first Book Club meeting of this year. Our first book is "Run For Your Li

This week, during tutorial times, our classes have been engaging in HIT workouts to mark Active Week. A frenetic way to start the day!

Congratulations to our 1st year students who journeyed to Tilbraddan Woods and Zipit for their Active Week Adventure Day. Well done to all those who braved the heights and got moving!

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