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Guidance & Counselling

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Guidance & Counselling

Guidance in schools refers to a range of learning experiences provided in developmental sequence that assist students to develop self-management skills which will lead to effective choices and decisions about their lives. The approach of the Guidance and Counselling Department in Blackrock ETSS is modelled on an adapted version of the guidelines produced by the National Centre of Guidance in Education.

As illustrated above, there are two related aspects to what our Guidance team does – “Guidance” and “Counselling”. Support for each aspect is delivered in one-to-one sessions, in small groups, and in larger or class groups.


The goal of Blackrock Educate Together’s guidance programme is to enable students to identify their abilities, skills, interests, values and personality. Awareness of these aspects will empower a student to choose a career, or a further education pathway, that is in keeping with their strengths, abilities, and interests.

At Junior Cycle, guidance class content will focus on three strands:

  • Developing Myself,
  • Developing My Learning,
  • Developing My Career Path.

In TY, each student completes a career assessment called MyFutureChoice. This assessment comprises an aptitude assessment which assesses students over eight domains as they compare to the national age average. Furthermore, Transition Year students complete an interest assessment, comprising a questionnaire about their interests, abilities and personal qualities. This will be used to guide students towards achieving their full potential as they enter the Senior Cycle.


As illustrated above, counselling can operate on a one-to-one level or in small groups. It will also build upon other school initiatives such as the Wellbeing Programme, SPHE and P.E.

Individual and small group counselling can play an important role in the mental, physical, ethical, social, and intellectual development of each student in Blackrock ETSS. The school has a Student Support Team that meets regularly to assess the needs of individual students and to coordinate actions at appropriate levels. Support may be provided from within the school or in tandem with an external ecosystem of support agencies.

Our Guidance Counsellor

Our guidance counsellor is Sheila Hayes. Sheila is a member of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors.

A student can self-refer to Sheila by dropping by her office or by sending her a message on Microsoft TEAMS. A parent or guardian can get in touch with Sheila by email: or by phone: (01) 912044.

A referral can also be made by families through the Principal, Deputy Principal, or the relevant Student Support Coordinator.

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Congratulations to 2nd year student, Alex, on another incredible athletics feat. Alex won the silver medal in yesterday's All-Ireland with a jump of 10.04m. We are so proud of Alex's accomplishments this athletic year!


Congratulations to our Amber Flag Committee, led by our coordinator, Leah, on being presented with the Amber Flag for their efforts to improve wellbeing and mental health awareness this year.


Friday, 24th May, saw our annual Prize Day ceremony take place in the school. The occasion was a wonderful mix of performances, speeches, celebrations, and more! We thank all of our contributors and participants for ensuring the day was a

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