Blackrock Educate Together Secondary School

Mission Statement and Ethos

Interim mission statement

Please find our interim mission statement below. We will work in partnership with all of our stakeholders - staff, students, parents, BOM - on a finalised mission statement which we will have in place by the end of the school year, 2021/2022.

Blackrock ETSS aims to be an inspirational school characterised by the highest standards of teaching and learning where students develop as independent learners and critical thinkers; a school where issues are resolved efficiently and respectfully in a spirit of partnership, respect, and democracy; a school that students feel connected with and proud to be a part of; where they are active citizens with a strong sense not just of their own rights but also of their responsibilities as young citizens; where change and innovation are embraced; an inclusive school community where all children are cherished equally.

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Dec 08
Staff meeting. School bus 13:00.
Dec 09
Student Council Meeting
Dec 10
Pancake morning
Dec 16
Christmas Assessments
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