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Science Club

Science Club

The Blackrock ETSS Science Club is a group of students who share a common interest in science. Every week the students complete different experiments that they would not get the chance to do in science class. Science club promotes curiosity, creativity and scientific investigation.

We focus on science in the real world and investigating scientific phenomena that students may or may not have encountered in their everyday life. The topics we focus on in first year are:

CSI: chromatography, acids and bases, finger printing, blood types and murder mystery investigation

Food science: osmosis, Hooke’s Law with jellies, making plastic and glue from milk, making ice-cream, making slime

Engineering: building cars, making cleaner robots, geodesic domes, making coin sorters

Biology: dissections, marine biology, horticulture

When: Wednesday after school

Where: The science lab

Who: Katie

Dec 09
Pancake morning
Dec 15
Christmas assessments
Dec 21
End of term celebration for students. Bus departs at 12.00
Dec 21
The Sandymount Building, Simmonscourt Road, Dublin 4
01 912 0440
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