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School bus service

Blackrock ETSS has a school bus service fully funded by the Department of Education that collects and drops students at various stops in Dun Laoghaire, Booterstown and Blackrock. Every student who attends Blackrock ETSS is welcome to use the school bus. Please contact our office at if you would like to find out more information about our school bus service.

Updated timetable:

7.15am Shankill, Dublin Road - Bus stop no. 4206
7.20am Cabinteely bypass - Bus stop no. 5127
7.24am Foxrock Church - Bus stop no. 2018
7.27am Kill Lane - Bus stop no. 2022
7.34am Corner of Tivoli Road and Patrick’s Street (No bus stop on this road).
7.35am Corner of Clarinda park east and Corrig road (No bus stop on this road) it is across the road from number 4 corrig road.
7.37am Sallynoggin Roundabout (St.Kevin's Villas) - Bus stop no. 6103
7.39am Honey Park - Bus stop no. 7554
7.47am Rowanbryn - Bus stop no. 7419
7.49am Newtown Park Avenue Bus stop before church.
7.55am Frascati SC Blackrock - Bus stop no. 3084
7.57am Booterstown stop - Bus stop no. 472 (opp dart station)

Return journey (approximate times):

16:00 Booterstown stop

16:10 Frascati SC Blackrock

16:17 Newtown Park Avenue Bus stop

16:20 Rowanbryn

16:28 Corner of Clarinda park east and Corrig road.

16:32 Sallynoggin Roundabout (St.Kevins Villas)

16:35 Honey Park

16:45 Kill Ln

16:50 Foxrock Church

16:55 Cabinteely bypass

17:00 Shankill, Dublin Road

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