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Drama Club

Drama Club

The school drama club is a weekly meeting of students who share an interest in all aspects of theatre and performance, whether that be writing, directing, acting, design, or any other areas involved in theatre production. Students focus on creative skill and voice development, characterisation, improvisation, and movement – skills that can help beyond the stage with general communication and expression. This year so far, students have worked on improvisation skills through play and implementing the ideas of Stanislavski while acting; through working with a wide variety of text from comedy to drama, monologues and duologues, as well as ensemble pieces. The drama club is currently preparing to present work from the comedy The Day The Internet Died for the school talent show in March at the dlr LexIcon.

Where FF12

When Every Thursday at lunch time.

The Sandymount Building, Simmonscourt Road, Dublin 4
01 912 0440
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